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This is our newest rescue and she desperately needs our prayers.Meet Nola! This sweet girl was "found" by a very unconcerned person and then dumped on Sunny Meadows' porch after he had a few choice words with our staff.  This man was obviously the owner of the pet and did not want to care for the trauma this pup has endured.  
She's about 4 months old and extremely sweet. She is very curious and really likes to smell everything. She also loves to be held like a baby and talked to. She looks to be a Bull Mastiff pup.  Her eye has had severe trauma and needs removal.    
We are needing funds to help pay for her Enucleation (eye removal).  She will have this done immediately to ensure she no longer have to suffer any pain or discomfort.
If you're interested in fostering or adopting contact Sunny Meadows at tnsafehavenforpets@yahoo.com Oh, and that bad eye will be removed soon!

Online fundraising for Nola's Eye Care 



Make a Fur-Ever Friend! We are open every Saturday 1-4. Come by and meet your new furry friend!

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Please help us earn money in the Kroger Community Rewards program.  If you sign up to be part of our group, then just shop like normal and show your Kroger Plus card when you checkout, we will receive checks quarterly. This doesn't affect your gas points. All funds raised benefit the animals in our shelter.