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Adoption application must be completed with veterinary reference. Vet reference must have valid information to establish a history of responsible pet ownership. We must be able to verify that previous or current pets are/were spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, and current on heart worm prevention. Without this vital information, we are unable to approve adoptions. Our mission to adopt our rescues is not based on "good faith". Our ability to approve applications is based off of an established history or responsible pet parenting. We have witnessed far too many animals suffer to allow "good faith" to forecast their future.


  • Must be 21 Years of Age, or older
  • Have Valid driver's license and/or other photo ID
  • Must be open to home inspection
  • Must have fenced in back yard
  • All pets must reside inside your home as part of your family


Adoption application must be completed in their entirety


Deceptive information is not tolerated, nor excused.


    We are unable to approve applicants:


  •     If there is an un-spayed or un-neutered pet in the home, unless there is a valid, documented health reason.
  •     The pet will be outdoors only.
  •     Yards that are not fenced in.
  •     The pet is intended as a gift


 In addition to the above, we reserve the right to decline any applicant for any reason.


We have rescued these babies once. We have rescued them for a better life. Rescuing an animal to place in a less than ideal home is futile. We sincerely hope applicants will appreciate and honor our goals to protect the rescued pets current in our care. WE are here for them. We hope you are too.




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We are open every  Wednesday 12-2, Saturday 1-4 and Sunday 1-3. If you see a pet that you are interested in and need to make an appointment, an adoption application is needed before an appointment can be made. Please email us for appointment questions.

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