Fostering Program



Why foster for Sunny MEadows?

There are so many reasons that we encourage everyone to foster.  Fostering not only gives the animal you take into your home a second chance at life but it saves the life of another animal we can save.   So, if you foster a litter of five puppies for example, you are essentially saving 10 lives!!  Fostering a dog/cat is a fun and rewarding experience that the whole family can participate in and receive unconditional love in return.  Sunny MEadows covers the cost of all of the medical needs, food, bowls, playpens, litter boxes, cages etc while you are fostering so there is little to no cost to the foster home. We have dogs and cats available for Short Term & Long term fostering.


So what exactly is fostering and how do you get started?

Foster homes are essential to Sunny Meadows.  We need people to take dogs/puppies, cats/kittens into their homes to foster for various reasons.  You do need to fill out the foster application. Foster Application.  Our foster home coordinator will contact you as soon as we receive the application to discuss what type of foster animal may work well in your family. Please ensure that before applying all family members are in agreement with fostering a pet in need. All foster applicants must be 21 years of age or older and be able to pick up foster pets at AHS. All foster homes must be open to a “home check”.

At any given time, we may need foster homes for cats and dogs recovering from medical conditions (e.g., a broken leg, heartworm treatments) who just need a few weeks in a loving home to mend. There may be adult dogs or cats that have stopped eating due to the stress of a shelter environment and need the security of a home situation to get back on her feet. The dog may have a minor behavior problem (jumping up, mouthiness) that a foster family can work on to make the animal more appealing to adopters. Or the shelter may simply have a space crunch and want to find a short-term housing alternative for some of the animals.

We need short term foster homes (typically 4-6 weeks) to provide a healthy, germ free environment and lots of tender, loving care to kittens and puppies or pregnant dogs or cats.  If you do decide to adopt your fostered animal you will be required to follow normal adoption procedures along with paying the posted adoption donation.  With puppies/kittens, AHS needs to know if a foster home would like to adopt the animal 10 days before the date of adoption.

We need long term foster homes for adult dogs and cats that are seniors or are just getting passed up by adoptions for reasons unknown.  Some might need help with training, medical issue, rehabilitation from surgery, behavior and/or socialization. Some are shy, scared and/or stressed in the shelter environment and need a quiet place to reside while they wait for their forever home.

In a long term foster home, it is up to the family/individual as to how long they/you will foster the dog or cat.  Ideally, the dog or cat would reside in the foster home until they are adopted.  This could be anywhere from a week to several months.  

For every dog or cat that is placed in foster, the foster home is not only making a huge difference for that particular animal but also opens up valuable space for Sunny Meadows to take in another dog or cat.

Requirements of fostering a long term dog or cat would include bringing the dog or cat to Sunny Meadows for potential adoption visits.  We will do our best to accommodate and schedule the most convenient day and time for both the foster family and a potential adoptive family to meet the dog or cat at our facility.

We do ask that you be understanding and flexible with the schedule to facilitate a potential adoption for your dog or cat.   The foster family will also have the option to adopt their foster dog or cat at any time through our normal adoption process.

Sunny Meadows could Save more without foster homes.  Fostering, whether short term or long term, is a selfless, compassionate and generous commitment and we at Sunny Meadows recognize that.  Foster families/individuals are a necessary means to our rescued dogs and cats in finding forever homes and making the transition more compassionate and comfortable for them.  The Long Term foster program is designed to help our long term residents with that transition.


The foster care program allows Sunny Meadows to rescue more animals than shelter space normally allows by placing selected animals in qualified temporary or longer term homes.

Becoming a foster parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in animal rescue.  Seeing those cute, loving eyes that find wonderful adoptive families makes it worth every second.  Here are some answers to common questions people have about fostering.

Who can become a foster parent?

Anyone! Even if you work full-time, you can still foster (depending on the needs of each individual animal(s). All you need is a desire to help animals in need.

What types of animals are sometimes available for fostering?

  • Pregnant/nursing dogs and cats
  • Animals needing extra socialization
  • Dogs and cats that have medical or surgical needs
  • Dogs or cats that have had longer stays in the shelter


How long will I foster the animal?

This depends on each individual animal(s). It is up to the foster family.

What supplies will I need to foster an animal(s)?

This depends on each individual foster animal(s). We will supply you with food/medications and most other necessary items to care for the animal(s).

What if I have pets?

If you have pets that do not get a long with other dogs or cats, Fostering is not a great idea. If a Foster has pets, they need to be pets that are very social and open to new pets. We don't want to stress out your pets and want our fostered pets to feel welcomed and adjust to living in a happy and healthy home environment

What if the animal(s) need medical care?

Sunny Meadows will pay for any approved medical care that is necessary for the animal(s). Most medical care will be done here at our Vet. Most vaccinations, dewormings, etc will be done before a pet is sent to a foster home. If not, a scheduled time will be set for the pet to see our vet.

What if I have an after hours emergency?

Don’t worry. There is a list of home contact numbers given to every foster home. The people on the list are all very experienced and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

How do I become a foster parent?

Here are a few things you need to do:

  1. Please fill out a foster application to become an official Sunny Meadows foster parent and receive email postings of animals available for foster care.
  2. (all foster homes must have an approved application which must include references, a copy of a current drivers license and a signed foster agreement, prior to picking up their first foster animal)
  3. Sign the Foster Parent Waiver of liability


Unfortunately we do not allow you to test drive the animal(s). Being homeless is very stressful for the animals and we take pride in knowing that the animals in our care are as stress free as possible.

Bouncing back and forth from one environment to another is very confusing for the animals and adds unnecessary stress.

If you are looking to adopt a new pet, please feel free to visit Our facility any Saturday 1-4. In some cases, it may take one or many visits to ensure you have chosen the appropriate match for the new pet, yourself and your family.

If you have any further questions regarding fostering, please feel free to give us a call anytime or email us at

We look forward to meeting you soon!