Kroger Community Rewards Program Instructions

Please help us earn money in the Kroger Community Rewards program.  If you sign up to be part of our group, then just shop like normal and show your Kroger Plus card when you checkout, we will receive checks quarterly. This doesn't affect your gas points. All funds raised benefit the animals in our shelter. 

1. Go to
2. Click Sign In at the top right
3. Enter your email and password. (If you do not have an account then click create account.)
4. Click My Account
5. Click Account Settings
6. Scroll down and on the bottom right there is a box that says Community Rewards. Click Edit.
7. Under Find Your Organization enter the number 81495 and click Search.
8. Select Sunny Meadows SAfe Haven for Pets and click save changes
9. That is all! Now swipe your card or enter your number while you shop and Sunny MEadows will receive credit.